My young family and I are just getting established. Why would I need to get a will?


For young families, one of the most important reasons to get a will is to establish a guardian for any children. In the tragic event that both parents are not able to care for the children, the guardian takes over responsibility. Without a will stating guardianship, the law of the state determines who becomes guardian. Lincoln Law Partners can help you avoid this costly, time consuming, and emotionally draining experience. This is especially true if the guardian approved by the state is not someone the parents feel is fit to care for their children. At that point, another family member, or a family friend, would want to file a guardianship case to take over as care giver. While one hopes the situation never arises, deciding who will be guardian is a very real example of "a stitch in time saves nine". 

State's Rules

When a person dies and their estate is left without a will, the state has pre-determined rules for who the assets belong to. Right now, the law in Illinois is that all of the assets go the person's spouse. If there is no spouse, the assets are divided equally among any children. If there are no children, assets are left with the person's parents, and further through the family tree until a living person is found. Not having a will does not mean your assets will not being inherited . In the same vein, it does not protect your family from inheriting all of your assets. 


Whenever someone dies without a will, their assets are left to the closest living relative. But to receive these assets, that relative must go through the probate process. This costs time and money. Having a will drafted, a simple process done by Lincoln Law Partners, can lessen the time and cost of court later on. Having a will leaves you with the peace of mind that important matters have been planned for.