Lincoln Law Partners gives you an extra pair of hands to help your small business. 

Setting Up

It takes a lot of work to set up a small business. Contracts need to be created and reviewed, licenses need to be acquired, and partnerships need to be set up. Lincoln Law Partners can help with all of these steps of establishing your small business. We can also help you make decisions on incorporating, and act as mediator between owners so that all sides feel equally heard.

Running Your Small Business

In your day-to-day matters, it's often helpful to have a legal expert to discuss with. For example, you might find an attorney useful when drafting new contracts for employees. We can also help with negotiations with outside parties, so that you get a fair deal and stay profitable.  When it comes time to deal with real estate contracts, Lincoln Law Partners has an extensive amount of real estate experience you draw from. 

Settle Disputes

It's an unfortunate but common problem that small business owners get sued. When you and your family's livelihood depend on your business, you want to make sure any legal matters are handled with your best interest in mind. Lincoln Law Partners is committed to finding a cost effective solution that benefits you. We will listen, analyze, and create a variety of ways to handle your situation. You then have the choice to decide what solution works best for you.